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MML Group construction company

MML Group came to us with a challenge. Build one brand for five different companies. Each company has very different client segments. We approached this challenge by boiling down the core of each business and focusing on basics. We achieved clarity that allowed visually to communicate in one design language to each of the customer segments.

Efekta engineering company

Efekta is a leading engineering and energy efficiency company. We helped them strategically grow client count with marketing campaigns, CRM integrations, and online conversion rate optimization. Their complex service listing requires an individual strategy for each offering. Legal Firm

We built a whole pipeline of how to attract and convert legal service clients online. From brand identity to CRM integrations that allows automating pipeline at the highest levels. We achieved a conversion rate of 4.5% from paid traffic sources.

SART Art Galery

We developed a platform for artists and art enthusiasts to share and relish artworks behind closed doors. Developing a platform we focused on how our target audience consumes content.

VG Byggservice Construction Company

We developed a brand identity and website for Swedens construction company in a way to deliver the right values and competitive advantage message to the target audience.

Soulstones by Agnese Zeltiņa

Soulstones needed a whole new e-commerce store to improve conversion rates and allow advance and quick everyday testing and optimization. We helped not only to build a website but also to smooth the ordering process that helped with conversion rates and lowered customer support costs.

Burmess Tea Brand

For Burmess tea brand, we worked on brand identity and copywriting. Brand and messaging needed to attract a very niche market of women who has sleep problems and care about nature. We accomplished it by making packaging that holds brand values and clever messaging that seizes attention.

Tinega Building Materials Distributor

By investigating regional competition in Sweden we produced a long-lasting brand identity that has the potential to be iconic in the target market. We developed a website as a platform that will serve various roles: online store, squeeze pages for paid traffic, catalog for existing clients.

Kikby Startup

For Kikby we helped with the market strategy that continued with full UX design, sales messaging and web development. We plan to write a case study for this project to better illustrate the full process and our involvement after the product is released.

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My name is Daniels Vitols and I founded Closet of Ideas. I focus on branding and digital product design that's based on real data because before I did so my projects were failures and this was the only way to turn them around.

For the last 4 years, I have been producing measurable results for my clients. I did it by focusing most of the energy on strategy. Designing and coding is the easy part.

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For us to deliver impactful results we have to do extensive research and testing for all of the stages. If you are looking for a quick business card website we will not be able to work with you. There are plenty of good and affordable agencies providing such service.